Herbal Witch Blends

What's up with this stuff?

Most everything we smoke nowadays has been mass-produced by some fat cat whose main goal is to pad their pocketbook with your cash, probably killing you in the process. However, some old biddys up in the hills have known for a LONG time that you don't have to smoke that deadly addictive crap that they sell you. Those old ladies even have a few ideas on what might not kill you.

lnterested in ejoying something that won't kill you?

HerbalWitch blends are mixes of herbs that you can smoke by themselves or mixed with tobacco (from your favorite local tobaconnist, of course). With an ingredients list more diverse than your grandmammy's garden, we know you're going to enjoy this experience.

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We're just a pair of pals, mixing and smoking blends, then sharing them with the world.



Mother of dragonchildren
Drinker of tea
Mixer of blends

In between pursuing her passion as a novelist and her calling as a mother, Kelly continues to find ways to use her Aquarian drive to reach into the community and lift others up. Somewhere between the computer, the rocking chair and the yoga mat, she will finally find the time to get caught up on Rothfuss's book series.
If the next book ever comes out.



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Tank is your average hipster millennial, meaning that you probably shouldn't mention hipsters, millennials, or beer that isn't "handmade". You should talk to him about businesses, marketing strategies, social media, the internet, website design, and science fiction books. Tank was voted by his co-workers "most likely to complain that the coffee pot was left empty".